Rates may vary depending on the location and type of proceeding.   Formats also vary from state to state, and some states do not have a mandatory format or certification of their reporters.  This can affect your invoice amount. 

When booking out of the area, always verify reporting rates, including any charges for use of a conference room.  Some reporting firms charge the word-index pages at the same per-page rate as the full hardcopy transcript.  Check if the same is true regarding the condensed transcript, as that is considered a “transcript.”  This definitely increases your cost, possibly dramatically.

In some areas, opposing counsel commonly requests the release of the original to his/her custody for reading and signing and therefore does not order a copy of the transcript.  Or the noticing/deposing attorney may share their transcript with other counsel.  Court reporters generally base their rates on there being at least two sides to every case, therefore two copies being ordered.  Many court reporters will still demand payment for the lost revenue caused by sharing.  That demand results in increased costs to the noticing/deposing attorney.

CCP 2025.520(c) allows the witness to submit changes/corrections “by means of a letter to the deposition officer.”  There is no need for an early release of the original transcript, as the witness may review a certified copy.