Depending on your needs, our office will set up an online video conference so the deposition can be conducted remotely.  There are several services that are widely used, such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Remote Counsel, and Zoom.  The video conference can also be recorded should you need it.  Our office will handle all the coordination, setup and testing so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Exhibits can be scanned and emailed to us and we can provide them to the reporter for marking.  Or they can be scanned directly to the reporter at the proceeding.  Another helpful option is a service called eDepoze to which counsel can subscribe in order to aid in the handling of your exhibits electronically.

Whether you opt for the reporter and witness to appear with or without counsel, social distancing measures would always be taken.  If counsel and/or the deponent prefer not to have any contact at all with others, assuming all counsel stipulate that the reporter administer the oath to the witness remotely, the court reporters are prepared and set up to work remotely from their homes or our office.

If you prefer to have a live videographer rather than using an online video conference service, that is also another option. In that instance the videographer would need to be present with the witness.  The videographer can provide a Zoom feed from their camera to remote participants, with a split screen available showing the witness and exhibits.