Court Reporter Services


What is a Transcript?

A transcript ends with the reporter’s certificate page.

We pride ourselves on providing reasonable rates and fair billing practices.

When comparing rates, be aware that some reporting firms charge their full per-page transcript rates for the word index and other non-testimony pages. Uccelli & Associates does not. Uccelli & Associates does not consider the word index, errata sheets, and letter to the witness part of the transcript.

In order to determine the page rate you are being charged, we suggest comparing the quantity of pages listed on the reporting firm’s invoice with the actual transcript. Remember to check with reporting firms as to what pages they consider part of the transcript.  Some firms annex word index pages to the transcript, and then count those index word pages as part of the transcript when invoicing.  This may also apply to miscellaneous attachments such as the letter to the witness, blank errata sheets, etc. 

Uccelli & Associates charges a per-page rate for the transcript ending with the reporter’s certificate page.  Our attached word index pages are NOT charged at the same per-page rate as the transcript pages.

What We Deliver

All orders include searchable electronic certified transcripts provided via our secure 24/7 online repository.  We encourage everyone to go green and choose a paperless order for the certified transcript.  Currently, California courts still require a paper original transcript.

  • Full size and condensed (mini) transcripts with a word index provided
  • Exhibits can be hyperlinked to your transcript, upon request
  • Court reporter’s certificate provided
  • Errata sheet(s) provided

Searchable transcripts are provided in several formats:

  • Text/ASCII
  • PDF – Full size and condensed, hyperlinked exhibits available upon request
  • PTX – E-Transcript
  • PTZ – E-Transcript bundle with hyperlinked exhibits, available upon request