1. Audio transmission problems may be a concern when using your laptop. An easy solution is to use the telephone number associated with the Cisco Webex or Zoom booking. If you choose to use the telephone for audio, remember to mute your speakers on your device of choice before joining by telephone.  Headphone are often helpful.
  2. In order to take advantage of all the videoconference platforms’ features, it is recommended to download and join via the desktop app rather than your internet brower.
  3. Be sure to turn off any and all notifications on the device you are using for the deposition. 
  4. If you’re utilizing a Mac computer, remember to disable WiFi calling so you don’t have those unexpected phone calls come in during the proceedings.
  5. More often in today’s modern offices, you may not have the opportunity to plug in directly to the internet with hardwire. If you’re lucky and the location has a hardwire connection, remember to bring any adapters so that you can connect your laptop via cable to the Internet. 
  6. Be sure to schedule a test call with us. If it is your first time participating/conducting a web conference deposition, we want you to feel comfortable with the service. The test call will provide the time necessary to address any potential problems that may arise. 
  7. It is good to call in/join 15 minutes prior to the start time of the deposition to make sure everything is set up correctly.