Court Reporter Services


Court Reporting

Certified shorthand court reporters can be used for a variety of proceedings where a verbatim record is required.

Conference Rooms

We can assist in arranging conference room nationwide.  We have a complementary conference room located at our main office in South San Francsico, as well as access to complimentary rooms in San Francsico, San Carlos, and Redwood Shores.

Document Handling

Our office can copy, print, and scan documents provided to our office.


A certified shorthand reporter can be used to take a verbatim transcript of meeting proceedings, as well as record public comments.


Certified shorthand reporters can transcribe CD, DVD, audio, and video files and provide a verbatim transcript.


Videoconference is an effective way to cover depositions, meetings, and other proceedings remotely.  We can host your videoconference proceeding using Zoom, Cisco Webex, and Microsoft Teams.