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Video Conferencing

Cover depositions, meetings and other proceedings remotely, saving time and travel costs.  Whether from home or office, attorneys, experts and paralegals, every member of your team, can attend a proceeding wherever it is by securely logging on via the internet.  Our office frequently uses Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, Cisco Webex, and Zoom. See our blogs on our Home page for more information.

Tips for getting the most out of a video conference proceeding:

  • First, most states require the court reporter be present at the location of a witness in order to administer the oath.  Due to potential restrictions on in person metings, a certified videographer can record your video conference depositon without having to appear in person.  Our videographers will monitor and manage the recording during the proceeding and provide any necessary technical support.  An additional cloud backup of the recording is created, and the video can be timestamped and synched with the transcript.
  • Some of the problems associated with a video conference proceeding: not being able to hear the party at a remote location, garbled speech, poor connection.
  • When directing a statement/question to someone who is appearing remotely, if that person does not respond to something, it may be that they didn’t hear it or it was garbled and it might be a good idea to either repeat your statement/question or ask the court reporter to read it back.

Reminder:  At the conclusion of the proceeding, the court reporter will need to get counsel’s transcript order and possibly clarify the spelling of any names or special terms. This saves time as the court reporter will not need to contact anyone later to obtain needed information. 

Whether in San Francisco, San Mateo, Sacramento, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Jose, Marin, or Bakersfield, we work with outstanding court reporters in Northern and Southern California to cover your deposition, hearing, arbitration, or other proceeding.

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